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About Us

Our Story

At our store, we ensure that our products are carefully vetted and only sourced from trustworthy vendors before we stock them on our shelves. We continuously strive to maintain our high standards and our history of making our customers happy – everyone knows they are getting the best products at the best prices when they visit our store. We want to ensure that you’re always satisfied and happy with our products.


Kerala is land with huge milk consumption, Our mission is to provide the best and purest cow milk.


Our signature brand KARSHAKA COW MILK replacing all fake or artificial milk brands in Kerala.

Our Core Values

Own storage facility, Denmark technology for preservation to purest form of milk by cooling it and storing immediately after the milking process in farm.

We have a well organized supply chain criteria for getting the purest milk on day to day basis on all parts of Kerala.

We are the top using brands in restaurant, Catering and canteen groups in Kerala because of your brand value on Quality.